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Diesel Watches Review – Edgy Design & Cutting-Edge Style

Published: Tuesday 22 December, 2015, news

Diesel watches are well made, with stainless steel cases on most of their models (others have plastic cases) and reliable quartz movements.  Many of their sports models offer water resistance to 100 meters, making them useful for outdoor activities, though you should check specific models for their water resistance features, as it does vary by model.  Bands offered are stainless steel, leather, and plastic, depending on the model.


All Diesel watches offer quartz movements, though we’re not sure of their origin.  Quartz movements offer reliable timekeeping and minimal maintenance, which is always a welcome combination. Displays are analog on most of their models, though a few offer digital displays and  a couple offer unusual dial displays, reflecting the company’s interest in unusual styling.

Styling is where Diesel watches truly shine.  The Italians are often on the cutting edge of design, and these watches truly reflect that.  While a few (a very few) of their models offer conservative, traditional designs, most of the models  of Diesel watches offer bright colors, unusual shapes, and eye-catching graphical design.  These are not modest timepieces designed to look unobtrusive while offering you the time of day.  These are stylish works of art that are created to attract attention from everyone, all of the time.  Women’s models include watches and matching bands in bright, bold colors.  Men’s models feature large dials, bright colors, unusual displays, and mutliple dials in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.  Diesel watches are going to get you noticed, regardless of where or when you happen to have one on your wrist.

The company’s watch line tends to favor men’s models, with nearly 100 different choices.  Women’s models are considerably fewer in number, with only about 30 to choose from at the present time.

Care and Maintenance

With quartz movements and stainless steel cases (on most models), Diesel watches are not likely to require anything unusual in the way of care or maintenance, aside from changing the batteries every few years.  If you have a sports model and regularly wear it near water, you may wish to have a jeweler inspect it every three years or so to make sure that the seal on the case remains intact.  Aside from that, and the usual caveats about keeping your timepiece away from extremes in temperature, strong magnetic fields or caustic chemicals, your watch should last for years with ordinary use.


Diesel watches are warranted for two years against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  While this is towards the low end as warranties go, most defects make themselves known within the first year of ownership.  Longer warranties may be available through your retailer.  You may wish to ask at the time of purchase.

Diesel Watch Prices

Prices for Diesel watches australia lean towards the affordable side, with most of their models falling into the $100-$300 range for both men’s and women’s models.  This is great, since these stylish watches can look good with both casual and formal wear, depending on the model.  At these prices, many consumers will want to own more than one model to suit multiple occasions and different types of wear.  The company also makes limited edition models, including some that feature diamonds; obviously, these sell for considerably more than the regular models in the company’s product line.  The limited edition models tend to sell in the low four figure range; prices from $1000-$5000 are not unusual.  Keep in mind that prices on the limited editions are likely to rise after they sell out, as watch collectors tend to seek them out.  This is particularly true of some of their themed editions; a Batman-related “Dark Knight” model now sells for several thousand dollars.  While we don’t necessarily regard Diesel watches as prime investments, many of their older models have appreciated in value, so you may wish to take that into consideration when thinking about your purchase, especially since so many of their in-production models are so affordably priced.

Diesel Watches for Sale

You can find Diesel watches for sale at a variety of retailers, including fine jewelers and many upscale department stores.  In addition, you can find Diesel watches for sale at a variety of online retailers.  You may have to shop around a bit if you’re looking for one of their limited edition models, as distribution of those may vary, depending on where you live.  For older or out of production models, you may have to buy online exclusively.

Diesel Watches Summary

Whether Diesel watches will suit you is largely a matter of what you’re looking for in a timepiece.  If you’re all about features, such as altimeters, barometers, atomic clock synchronization and such, Diesel watches are probably not for you.  On the other hand, if you really like eye-catching design, bright colors, flashy displays, and a wristwatch that is guaranteed to turn heads no matter where you go, you’ll probably find Diesel watches to be right up your alley.  In addition, the very attractive pricing for most of their models makes Diesel watches a great value.

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